Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small money printing mashine

To be able open cans on radar sites with some valuable loot we need Codebreaker. Without it whole thing doesn’t make any sense. And we need required Hacking skill only on lvl I right now. Efficiency of hacking is not important thing at the moment. We just need some cash flow first.

Hopefully, you have frigate at lvl III already trained while you have flew around getting skills books, stole some stuff from wrecks at belts, beg strangers for some ISKs, or while you practiced scanning a bit here and there. If Frigate still at lvl II train it to III, because each level brings extra 5% for scanning probes sensor strength and it essential for getting signature to 100%.

Once you get Hacking to lvl I you are good to go. Search for signatures type RADAR, warp there at distance +30 km and keep your fingers crossed there are no rats you have to fight to but has no weapons yet.

If there are no rats on site, approach floating can, target it and use codebreaker. It may take couple of minutes before you crack can and can open it and acquire content. Be aware that since you tamper can some rats may appear and argo you right away even if there were no rats at the moment you warped in. It also possible rats fly in right after you open cracked can. Be ready warp out!

Where to go now to find those radars sites? Personally I recommend Caldary space, and obviously hi sec systems. This regions highly populated not only with missions runners but with explorers too. But you will be able find radars for sure and run them. There are some back water pockets you will have better chances to be in less competitive environment. You will figure it out very quickly flying back and forth. Another good reason of Caldari space to operate in is rats – Guristas pirates. They are easy to deal with, especially with drones and speed/distance tanking.

At this point we can calculate how much ISKs we need (approximately) for this setup totally.
It is about 1,5 millions ISK. And Jita is not the cheapest place to buy skills for example.

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