Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How do I check my probes sensor strength?

Open your fitting windows. Load Prob launcher with probes. Check info on ammo of launcher.

Important! If you check info on probes in cargo, all bonuses will not be applied and you will get only basic figures.

Click on (I) icon of charges and you get probes attributes window:

So, my probes Strength is 73 points. Higher this figure, weaker signals you can scan.

Base Maximum Deviation is 0,125. Less is better. Signatures "jumps" not so often with next cycle with reducing range of probes.

We also can check out the same information with EFT:

Basically saying, probes strength around 70 is good enough for scanning.

EFT is great tool for estimating thing. You can change your skills level on the fly and see what you get. In our case we can check out Vexor for example, and see what skills and gear we need to get probes strength around 70.

Here is an example with Vexor fitting:

We lost 15% of bonus from frigate.

But we compensated it with using Sisters Core Probe Launcher (can be purchased with contract for about 35-40 mils ISK.) and training Rangefinding 1 lvl up to 3.

In long run, Covert OPS frigate is the ship of any serious explorer. But it can't be trained on trial account, so more carebear business ahead to get PLEX asap :-)


  1. I think EFT is lying to you.

    My character has Astrometric Rangefinding IV, Astrometric Pinpointing III. With a Sisters Core Launcher and Sisters Core Probes, on an unbounsed ship - a HAC in this case - my base scan strength is 64 according to Eve in game fitting.

    62 according to EveHQ.

  2. Oh, you put grav-caps on the Vexor. Eww.