Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Loot in cargo!

It took about 10 minutes to fly on autopilot from Jita to my area of interest. 4 core probes dropped and ANALYZE button on system scanner clicked. It took about 15 minutes to scan all signatures and exclude one worm hole and two magnetometrics from signatures list. Here we go: 3 identical radar sites in the first system!

After all 3 bookmarked, just in case I got disconnect, I warp to the first one. +30km is good idea to look around and see if any rats around.

Here we go. One can, no rats. Let’s crack it.

Hmm… it is empty. Lets try second radar site from signatures list.

This site has 2 can. And it is the same type as the first one. It looks a bit more promising. No rants again. Codebraker again…

Oh yes! It took about 13 hours from the creating char to actually get first loot. It costs about 2,5 mil in Jita and I am super happy that everything works as been planned so far. Second can is empty. Warp to third radar.

2 cans, no rats.

The first can has loot, and second doesn’t.

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