Thursday, June 24, 2010


First of all, it is not scanning guide!

It has some tips on scanning but will not explain and teach you how to scan. I live it to you dig a little bit, especially there are some great guides on the topic exist already.

This guide is about how to make your gaming experience with EVE more entertaining right form the beginning, having good plan what to do, what direction to go with your skills and occupation.
It mostly written for new players who may spent some time playing EVE already. So, there is no attention to basics like training skills, fittings, etc. It also may be interesting for experienced people who may try exploration profession for a change and switch from mining or mission running for a while. I personally know few people who find it as good source of funds for PvP activity with alt, not required month of trainings and simply can be done on empty slot of main combat char or alt.

EVE is very complex game, with a lot of different ways to burn your time. Some people like mining or even new planetary interaction in very relaxing way. Some people enjoy adrenaline of PvP or boredom of mission. Since EVE has own economy with ISKs as currency, virtual wealth can be most attracting and exiting part of the game for some people as well. It all depends. But at the end of the day it is all about having fun one way or another, otherwise there is tons of other entertaining out of there.

Exploration as mini profession is quiet interesting and exiting. It gives you a feeling of treasures hunting. It is hit or miss, especially with high profitable DED rated combat sites where you can get loot with worth of hundreds of millions with just couple of weeks skill trainings.

You can call it pure caribear business, and in fact it is, unless you go to low sec or even in 0.0 with properly fitted combat ships. But what makes exploration attractive for many people, is a lot of ISKs made, fun to get to the can or wreck, open it and have a DED space gear with market price for about billion. It is not only quiet exiting itself, it also pays for PLEXes and makes it affordable to have couple alts as well without spending real cash.

And what is even more important, with having good pile of ISKs you can experimenting a lot, you can afford fancy expensive fittings, do not afraid of loosing your last ship or be prodded with few decent implantants.

Once again, it is all about fun. Especially for new people who stuck in frustration what is this game about and why it attracts and keeps addicted so many people.

You may ask fare question why I am putting all this stuff together and open doors for competitors. Honestly, I can’t care less about competition, it is already tuff. I watch a lot of videos on youtube with people showing all sort of stuff, showing cool things. I have read a lot of interesting and controversial posts on forum about explorations. Therefore, I haven’t found any good inspiration guide on how to start exploration mini profession. It is all exiting about millions and billions, but how practically to get there? So, after some thought this guide been written to help people get on the wagon as lone wolf or accompanied with friend or even small group of buddies .

I am not associated with CCP, so you may take it as manifestation of my little ego, even if comes along with CCP intentions to keep and expand number of subscribers (hard core part of exploration guide will be based on dual boxing – 2 paid accounts) and pushing people into low sec.

In any event, one of the goals of this guides to show how to develop exploration carrier and be able to run 4/10 plexes within 2 weeks in low sec as well as 6/10 within about 6-8 weeks with new born toons.


  1. To give a more precise breakdown, which may be easier for some people to handle, I have figured the hourly earnings needed for 400,000,000 ISK in both a 14 day and 21 day trial, assuming both a 8 hr and 10 hr play time each day:
    400mil ISK/14 days

    3,571,429/hr (assuming 8 hr/day)
    2,857,143/hr (assuming 10 hr/day)

    400mil ISK/21 days

    2,380,953/hr (assuming 8 hr/day)
    1,904,762/hr (assuming 10 hr/day)

  2. Of course you can't start exploring anomalies immediately after creating a character, so you may have to divvy the first day's income needs among the rest of the trial. (unless you get real lucky and find something with enough value to cover that time)