Saturday, June 26, 2010

It’s getting even more exiting.

One more jump. And what is it?

Another GSO. Tengu still in 2 jumps away. I cant resist again, sorry..

10 minutes later:

No Complex loot this time. A bit disappointing, but is ok. It is fun to burn in curiosity what you’ll get, even if it is almost nothing.

I have spent another half an hour jumping from system to system, founded another Vigil, I desided to skip, 3 more radars with rats on one of them. I don’t think I have to post screenshots again since you already have good idea what they may drop and how this sites looks like.

But what happened next made me bringing Tengu again:

A bit later:

It is not tremendous drop only with around 10 mils in value, but what is interesting this Dread Guristas 200mm gun very unusual and rare loot for GSO. So, is it unusual luck that I have found 3 GSOs within less than an hour? Sort of. I just bumped into respawning chain and there were not many people looking for plexes around.

From another hand I didn’t have any luck with super loot.
Enough about SGO at the moment, it was fun and entertaining, but more like side effect for our current radars business. Funny enough, but for most explorers it is versa vise. They are looking for plexes and run radars as side business. Therefore this 3 plexes and couple of Vigils made me considering create second account and start plexes part of this guide early then I have planned originally

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