Thursday, June 24, 2010

Run Forest, run....

Speed is the king. As simple as it is.

Even with using distance tank approach we need to run away from rats in first place before they destroy our ship. Rradars sites let you warp to any distance up to 100 km and manage initial safe orbit distance. Therefore to approach cans or run away from rats eventually popped up nearby while tampering or opening cans basic speed of frigate may simply not be enough.

Possible tactic is warp out and get back to safe distance again. But you need back to site within 2 minutes. Once cans been tampered with codebreaker, the site get marked as “completed” and disappear within 2 minutes unless no ships left on grid. Please notice, drones are not counted as ships for this matter. The same rule applied to combat plexes as well once certain trigger been destroyed.

There are few ways to improve ship speed. Afterburner (AB) is the first propulsion upgrade we should fit on our Imicus. The next one would be Overdrive Injector or Nanofiber Internal Structure (Nano). Overdrive delivers better boost to basic ship speed than Nano, but Nano also improves agility of the ship, so aligning will be faster. It may be very useful for emergency warps out and jumps between gates, especially in low sec. With improved agility, it is also much easy maintain small orbits and keep speed high. Since both Overdrive and Nano require the same skills we put them both on our propulsions upgrades plan list anyway.

Finally - Micro Warp Drive (MWD). MWD has its own cons and pros. MWD boosts ship speed by 500%. Cons? MWD drain a lot of cap while active so to make your ship cap stable or be able run full throttle for even couple minutes may be difficult. Another big issue with MWD is that it blow up ship signature radius drastically and makes it easy to hit. Despite those drawbacks MWD is the absolute must to be able exercise speed/distance tanking tactics.

Once again, we work on very basic setup right now and once we have done with other skills on our list like Astrometrics and Drones we get back to skills related to speed.

While we train drones and navigation skills it is good time to roam around and and search for some radars. Even have 2 drones in our dron’s bay may be enough to kill small rats and get some loot.

And it is also good moment to talk about how to find radars faster.

stay tuned for next chapters

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