Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Started

Got exited? Let’s rock then.

I do not know what is the best way for you to start in terms of account/character arrangements. You may use your current account to train some skills you miss, since you may have some skills trained already and still have x2 bonus on training sills. Or may be your prefer to stop training for your main for a week to give a try and create new char on empty slot. It is up to you.

I prefer to start from scratch new account, I will create it with buddy program. It will give me 21 days of playing time and if I get enough ISK within 2 weeks I buy PLEX and convert it in full subscription. If you still on trial or want to make me happy, I may send you invitation from my account and eventually get 30 days free time once you convert it into subscription (here is the catch :-) )

I will pump some ISK to buy ship, gear, skill books, cheap learning imps. I skip the part how to make some money within just few hours while your train basic set of skills. I have no doubts you
know it already.

I am going to spend around 2 hours a day with this char once I get all gear required. I will make little report what has happened after this time to bring you up to date with my valet balance.

If you are completely broken or desperate I may donate you some ISK just to get started. Join channel “Exploration Almanac”.

Now, once a slot for char on new or existing account available it is a time to create in.
It doesn’t really matter what race or blood line you go with. It can be male or female, with pretty face or ugly looking goblin. Who cares if it makes job done. The difference would be only in initial skills set, for example frigate, attributes distribution and place in Empire where you pop up initially. Since my own venture will be based on Gallente frigate, I do not want train it to lvl 2 if I go with Caldari for example. But again, if you likes look and feel of Minmatar or Ammar pilots, go for it. Just get Gallente Frigate skill book and train it up to lvl 2.

As mentioned above blood line is not something you need to be dramatically precise. But if you are not planning remap attributes straight away it makes sense to crate toon with blood line and ancestry with maximized attributes to Intelligence and Memory. Most of the skills we need for the beginning have this attributes as primary and secondary. But again, it is not mandatory.

My personal preference as follow:

Gallente / Intaki / Reborn with following attributes: Charisma:7, Intelligence: 8, Memory 8, Perception 8, Willpower:8.

Electronics: III

Engineering: III

Gallente Frigate: II

Gunnery: II

Mechanics: II

Mining: II

Navigation: II

Science: III

Shield Operation: II

Small Hybrid Turret: III

Spaceship Command: III

The first thing once toon created and you logged it with it, start training Gallente frigate to lvl III immediately. Even if you do not complete it before you get “must have” skill books, for instance Astrometrics, do not waist your time idling with training.


  1. It's my understanding that bloodlines and stuff don't matter anymore as all character are the same nowadays. Was I incorrect ?

  2. yes, but what he or she means is if the target is a gallante frig, you start out with gallante frigs learned, saves time and a little isk.

  3. Very nice blog man, how can i a get a eve buddy invitation?

  4. Why train shields for Gallente ship out of interest? I thought they were Armor based