Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drones as weapon of choice

Drones are the utility weapon of EVE. Almost every ship in EVE has drone bay and can use drones. Some of ships, especially the ones with bonuses on drones operation, use drones as primary weapon system and may deliver significant damage, comparable to guns or missiles.

Our lovely Imicus has 15m3 drone bay and it can accommodate 3 small drones like hobgoblin. Even with minimum drone skills they can deliver enough dps for most our needs. Imicus also has 5% bonus on drones operation range per level of Gallente frigate skill. It doesn’t looks like huge bonus but if we have frigate at level III it gives extra 3 km range, bringing it to 23 km. EVE is the game where every little thing counts, so this 3 km may be just all you need sometimes.

To improve drones range drastically we need to train Scout Drones Operation skill. It gives extra 5km range per level and at lvl IV we can use drone from about 45 km. It would be more than enough in most cases for distance tank. Lvl IV also opens for use Drone Link Augmentor with extra 20 km drones range. With such range even some entry level Imicus will be capable to run some entry level combat plexes successfully.

Therefore, we start with absolute minimum for drones skills to deal with our main objective atm: radars.

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