Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 2: less ISKs but more fun

According to the plan, I was going to spend 3 hours for roaming around and my wallet looks more exiting. But I have spend on radars business may be maximum for an hour and a half. Due to the fact I have found 2 Guristas Scout Oputposts again (in one system at the same time), 1 Guristas Vigil and 2 Guristas Watch. Still had 9 Radars done. and got some loot once been sold netted for around 38 mils ISKs. It doesn't include stuff I got from plexes, but I will report them also.

I also crossed finally and it was a big deal of fun to completed it, even it ate most of my roaming time.

So here is the list of sites scanned down tonight:

and here is the loot from radars:

Here is also loot from Vigil, 2 Watches and 2 GSOs bellow just FYI.

1st Watch was waist of time, no escalation and drop was only tag. The vigil as well.

The 2nd Watch was more profitable escalation and implantant:

2 GSOs dropped only Amplifiers, but is is still good loot:

I have 91 mil ISk on my books at the end of the second day.


  1. All i seem to be finding are unstable wormholes. :(

  2. Me too. I checked on dotlan to find a hisec system that had less than 10 jumps/hr over the last 48hrs - nothing but a few unstable wormholes.

    I am getting better at narrowing down the signal though, which is a bonus.