Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scanning skills improvement

Before we start dealing with rats it’s a time to answer couple of most common questions.

How to improve your scanning skills? You may find yourself in situation when you simply just can’t get signature to 100% despite whatever you do. It means you don’t have enough scanner probe signal strength to nail it down. To improve your ability to scan weak signals you have to train skill Astrometrics Rangefinding. Training speed for this skill is x8, but honestly you have no choice. Train it at least lvl II and it gives extra 10% per level to probes strength. You need to train it to lvl III or even better to lvl IV as you are comfortable with the rest of skills and stuffed with ISKs. Another thing of your top priority list once you have enough ISK is Sisters Core Scanning Probes. They are quiet expensive but they give you extra 10% to scan probes strength. And it helps a lot. And weaker signatures have tendency have less rats on site, if any, along with more cans and more loot drops.

Another skill, related to scanning process is very important but for some reasons underestimated by many beginners. It called Astrometrics Pinpointing. It requires Astrometric at lvl IV, so it may not be your top priority right now. Therefore if you have trouble with “jumping” signatures, it is the skill you definitely need to train. This skill reduces deviation of scanning results, or in another words, gives the better coordinates of signatures in space. You may be noticed that after you reduce scanning radius of probes and relocated them close to the dot on the screen you will get sphere again, instead of dot. It happens because what you see on the screen is not exact position of signature in space. It is approximate due deviation factor. Less the deviation of scanning probes and higher theirs strength, more accurate coordinates you will get and more precise position of the signature on the screen you will have. And get signatures to 100% faster is the key to make more ISK per hour. I guess you follow me.

Yet another skill may improve you scanning time a bit: Astrometrics Acquisition. It reduces scanning time approximately for 1 sec per level. It is more vital for combat situation while scanning for hostile ships. But training it eventually up to level II or even IV is not the bad idea at all.

There is table bellow with summary for scanning skills you may start train now or later after drones skills if you comfortable with scanning process right now.


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