Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keep going.

Warp to next system. No radars in next two system but one more in the third one.

This radar has 3 cans and 5 frigate class rats we need to deal with before get to cans. It is possible that new wave will arrive, and perma cap AB should bring us far enough not to be destroyed but close enough to be able operate our only 2 Hobgoblins with drones skills only at minimum level.

Here is my little plan. Turn on AB, fly around for a bit, get full agro from all 5 rats. Launch 2 drones, set orbit 25 km and orbit around one of cans. Target rats and assign drones. They will do the job. Not super fast, but job would be done. Why we need full agro in first place? Simply to “protect” our drones. Those rats are not slippers, they will not retarget to another threat once they got lock on our spinning around Imicus. And our fragile drones are safe while shooting theirs targets.
It may sound obvious for most of you, but these basics may not be well known for beginners. Managing agro along with speed/signature/distance tank are the first skills any explorer must be comfortable with, especially with just couple hundred thousands skill points. And these skills are vital when we go to low sec, or may be even to 0.0 to find and run plexes in “ninja” style. And it going to happen very, very soon. There are 2 cans on this particular radar site. First can guarded with 2 frigs, second with 3. With our minimalist setup and skills would be good idea to agro 2 frigs first, kill them and then agro second group. This rats agro upon proximity. So, approach first group from the opposite direction to second group. Once we get agro align to gate or station opposite way, set “keep at range” for about 25 km and don’t turn off AB. The same with the second group. Or just try orbit can as I mention before. Find out what works better for you. If you get shield under 40-50% shield, recover drones and warp out. Warp in again. Try one more time. And one more time if necessary.

This is how it works.
I am not good with fraps and making videos for youtube, but I will try to make something shortly. Once site is cleared and no new waves, I opened all 3 cans and got some nice loot.

Next system had radar with only one can and no rats and dropped nice loot again:

Next system had 2 radars again and also combats site or “plex” as it usually referred.

It is “Guristas Vigil”. It is pretty hard for beginners but doable with right approach. It is kind of plexes which can “escalate” or/and drop decent loot, including pirates implantants. I am not going to run it, since I want to spend time to be able estimate our efficiency.

Therefore, it is very important sign. It means I am able to scan down not only plex with lowest signature in hi sec. And it also means our probes sensor strength high enough to scan almost everything we are after. It takes a bit longer than with maximized scanning skills, but most signatures can be scanned.

Another interesting thing with “Vigil” – it’s signature has the same signal strength as combat DED rated 6/10 plex in low sec: Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp. So what? Nothing actually, except the fact, that we can go to low sec and find plex which can drop loot with market value more than billion ISK. How to run this plex is a different story. But one of the final goals of this guide is to go to low sec once upon a time and run this 6/10 plex, even if we don’t became billionaires from the first try.

In any event, I scanned down two more systems before I bumped in something attractive enough to break my “radars venture” for half an hour.

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