Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 4: Time to look into probing skills again

Here is the link to NP Crusader skills.

As you may see, many skills not relevant directly to scanning were trained to lvl 3 or even 4.
For example Electronics at lvl 4 already and Cloaking at lvl 1 in preparation to the first flight to low sec.

Astrometrics is currently in training queue to lvl 4.

I am pretty comfortable with current Astro skills, but it is good idea to revise them and see if any further training would be worth time and skill points.

Skills relevant to scanning listed below.

So far so good. The frigate skill lvl 3 gives 15% bonus ( 5% per level) to probes sensor strength and Astrometric Rangefinding 20% (10% per level). 2 rigs gives extra 20%.

Sisters Core Scanner Probes have base strength 44 points and with all bonuses together it comes to 74 points.

It enough for almost any signature to be nailed down to 100% in hi sec, excluding few really weak.

Therefore, better sensor strength, faster we scan. and It would be essential for using in future for all-in-one exploration ships like Vexor, Arbitrator, Caracal, Drake, etc.. without bonuses on scanning.

So, Rangefinding to lvl 3 or even 4 considered as a must in mid terms plan.

Why Astrometrics is training to lvl 4. For 2 reasons. First of all it gives 1 extra probe to launch, so it will be 7 in total, and what more important it allow to train Astrometric Pinpointing.

This skill reduces maximum deviation of scanning result, and signature's coordinate will be determined more accurate. it is not obliged skill, because u can get similar result with using 5th probe places right on top of signature before next scan cycle.

Personally, I prefer scan only with 4 probes. It is simply faster.

I consider to train this skill up to level lvl 2 straight away and to lvl 3 or even 4 eventually.

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