Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guristas shattered life-support

Along with getting a bit of ISKs from dozen radars this one was kinda fun.
I know what this radar is about, and I had Tengu nearby but I decided not to use it.
Instead I have asked in local if anybody can help me. The only one person was in local and he eventually replied and agreed to help me.

Why did I nee the help. Simply because this radar not possible to run in Imicus, since there are 2 BS minimum. 3 or even 4 pretty common. I don't even count few frigate class npcs.

It is possible to tank with Imicus, and I did it, but to blow them with 3 noobs drones? No way.

So, the guy who was so kind to help have brought Cormorant. Not much dps, but better than 3 drones anyway.

here is how the site looks like:

Frigs were easy targets, but Cormorant dealt too long even with 1 st BS. I had orbit like 140 km and was pretty safe till Cormorant dragged away 1 BS, he rewarped back to can and I had to get full agro again. it wasn't as easy as first time. So after struggling for about 30 mins, I just flew in with Daredevil, tanked this 3 bs, and we finished it up within couple of minutes. Just wanted to test Daredevil on this difficult radar site instead to use Tengu.

Why Daredevil? Because it would be our damage dealer ship used by the second char.
It delivers insane amount dps/required skill points.

The whole thing took something about 1,5 hours, with dozen rewarps. But I had fun and this is what counts. :-)

how about reward? Normally this site drops decent loot. I got 45 mils once.

But today:

2 User Manuals. I gave 1 to guy who was helping me. So, do not afraid to ask people for help.
Sometimes you get get help, sometimes just grief. It is EvE :-)

Note: As you may see, this site has 4 cans, and they are spreaded. It can be annoying to keep track which one you already opened. It would be good idea to train targeting for 1 more level, so we get 4 targets for Imicus. Target all 4 cans and travel from left to right, or from right to left.

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  1. Tip for marking cans, turn on the TAG column for your overview. Then fleet yourself and if you're a fleet,wing or squad leader, you can "tag" items on the overview with letters or numbers. I generally just tag them after I've opened them.