Thursday, June 24, 2010


As been mentioned already this guide is all what is exploration mini profession in EVE about. And as any careebear profession it will be all about making ISK as effective as possible right from the beginning with minimal initial capital and without extreme long training skills.

Easiest and most profitable way to start exploration carrier is to go after co-caller Radars – sites in space with some floating cans you can open with specialized equipment (codebreakers) fitted on your exploration ship. There is no way you can get to Radar site (as well as any other presented in space) without finding cosmic signatures of them by scanning probes.

There are also Gravimetric sites with hidden belts you can mine, magnetometric sites with cans you can open with salvager of analyzer equipment, ladars – you may harvest.

But nothing can be compared at present time to outcome from radars in terms of ISK/time/skills ratio not even in hi sec but in low sec as well.

There are also combat sites witch can bring a lot of fun and ISKs, but they require some combat skills and a bit of experience, especially with double boxing concept. It is a myth that you can run them only in Tengu. But this type of exploration activity will be covered in separate section once you get enough experience, skill points and ISKs to run them safe and effectively. We will get there sooner or later (probably within of 10 days from now) if you enjoy exploration in first place and stick with it for a while.

Obvious question: what can be expected from radars?

Once you get used to it, polish your skills and get proper gear, find good region to scan your may expect around making approximately 20 mil ISK per hour across a board. So, if you get yourself focused and play casual 2-3 hours a day expect around 30-50 millions per day. It would be enough to pay your subscription and leftover let you develop your skills and gear for using in most efficient way. Do not expect became super reach over the night. Sometimes you can make 100 millions in few hours, sometimes 10. Just do not give up.

Before you get some combat gear you will have no choice but leave some sites with rats untouched, unless someone from local help you to kill rats. Do not afraid to ask in local, offer 50% of loot, it better than get nothing anyway. You even may find new friends for your venture. Or just get your room mate of colleague sign up for trial and get exited together since he can focus on combat skills (well, you be his mentor for a while and finance his EVE journey for the very beginning).

If you have deep pockets get 2nd paid account straight away and train it for combat the way will be described later in special section on double boxing concept. You can only run one instance of EVE on your computer with trial account. There are some workarounds, but easiest one is to use second computer with trial. I find it not very convenient but it is ok for a while before you get some significant ISKs and be able to pay for 2 accounts.

So what we expect from those radars?

In Caldari space, for example, radars drop stuff as follow:

It is entirely possible that radar doesn’t drop any loot whatsoever, but it is not common.

Normally you will get something, at least 1 User Manual. It is quiet often situation when you can get like 25 millions from 4 cans on radar not killing even single rat. For example "Local Guristas Data Processing Center" radar has 1 can and no rats at all.

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