Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Exploration Ship

I love Gallente Imicus frigate. It is great all round entry level ship for starting carrier as explorer.

Here is absolute minimum setup of Gallete Imicus Frigate fitted for scanning with probes.
You can’t do much with it yet, but you can get out to the space, drop probes and picking around and get used to scanning process with probes. Even if you are not able to scan signatures to 100% signal strength and be able to warp to the site, this set of skills and fitting is absolute minimum you can’t go any further in your exploration venture.

Why Gallente Imicus? First of all it is T1 frigate with bonuses on scan strength and higher strength is the better chances you can scan signature to 100% and faster process of scanning goes. Since each race has similar frigate it may looks like there no difference witch one to get. But since we are going to focus on exploration and on Radars as our main objective Imicus has couple of advantages we can use.

Once Radar site is pinned to 100% you can warp there and tamper cans with codebraker. Therefore some Radars have rats don’t have rats, usually frigs, on site and some do. And to be able to open cans in most cases requires eliminate rats, since they “guard” cans. And of course, they will fire upon you and in such fragile ship with minimal support skills is quiet difficult to stay alive and fight back. The good thing about Imicus it can operate 3 small drones. And it is enough to rid off annoying npcs from the distance they simply can’t hit you. So along the exploration business itself you will get familiar with such things as speed and distance tanking, managing agro and drones operations.

Yet another reason why Gallente frig is good choice for the beginning is Gallente Frigate skill we will train at least to Level III. And it is one of frigates skills required for such tremendous ships as pirates faction’s Dramiel or Daredevil. In long run following Gallente ships line let you fly great Ishkur and legendary Ishtar. And those ships rely on drones as damage dealers so all our skill points invested in drones trainings will be very valuable asset.

Yet another ship definitely needs our note is Gila. It is great and easy to get to exploration ship for hi sec and it also required Gallente Frigate lvl IV and drones as primary weapons.

But right now those ships not much our concerns since we are going to focus on radars sites and they not require tight tank or a lot of firepower. But they still can bring you a lot ISKs.

Once the initial setup is fitted and tested it is a time to go one step further. At this point we need to improve our scanning skills and actually get into to business once we find what we want – radar site in particular for very present moment.

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  1. I know you are going for a quick way, but if you go through the Exploration Career Agent, you can get Astrometrics, Astrometric Pinpointing, Survey, a mining ship,a scouting ship(Imicus), and about 300K isk.