Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tip of the day: multi chars on one account

Every EvE account has 3 slots to accommodate 3 chars or alts as it commonly called.

Once you train your first char to the point when you can scan signatures fast and hack radars without any problems killing rats with drones, it may be good idea to train second char with the same skills and get the same ship.

If you get used to this technique already, you may log off after scanning the route couple of time and instead watching movie, log in with another char and scan another back water area.

Switching between profiles while signatures respawn here and there can make your revenue accros a board significantly improved.

Creating multi chars single account has it's cons too. You can't train 2 chars in the same time. So you have to give up on development of main char for a few days.

But if you do so, it can pay off very nicely.

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