Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 10. Testing double boxing with Jack Pot at the end.

Today was interesting day. I had some stuff from radars as usual (not sold it yet):

Gallente Cruiser trainingup to lvl 2 completed , so I was about just assemble and fit Vexor to show you all-in-one hi sec exploration ship which uses drones as primary weapon and tanking with distance.

But it is not what my activity today ended up with.

Crossing bottle neck low sec system I decided to drop probes and scan in case I find something interesting. And I did: Guristas Scout Outpost. System had +11 in local, 2 or 3 were camping gate.

I made bookmark and went to pick up assembled and fully fitted as speed tank Federation Navy Comet.

I have trained another pilot on separate account to be used as damage dealer for demonstration purposes of double boxing approach for running DED plexes in hi sec and in low sec as well. The char was docked nearby in station and has fitted Daredevil. It was waiting just convenient moment to get out to space and use it.

Actually, I already tested both chars once on GSO already, got some nice loot (not counted toward CN Crusaider wallet tho), but it was just test and I didn't want to bring it before I reach the first goal of making 300 Mils to be able to buy PLEX.

So, I brought both chars to system, cloaked Daredevil near one of the planet and Entered first pocket with Comet.
Whole thing took about 20 minutes. I was straggling with fraps for a bit in the middle of clearing first pocket: EvE client just frozen. I aborted fraps, made some screen shots in the first pocket, restarted fraps again, and recorded few more clips clips and cleared first pocket.

The second pocket wasn't a big deal as well to get full aggro with comet, start orbiting around can and brought Daredevil. Destroying structure which drops a loot - so-called Telescope took probably around 3 minutes ( I will make more accurate report form another GSO).

Telescope popped up and I opened container. And this moment is most exiting part of exploration. What is inside? Hit or miss? Jack pot ot junk?

I had Jack pot this time:

Market value:

Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster - 370 Million ISK.

Pithum C-Type Magnetic Scattering Amplifier - 40 Millions ISK.

A bit of luck, proper skills, bookmark and it is yours.
Chances that it will be yours in low sec 10 times, if not 100, higher compare to hi sec, over populated with Tengu pilots, who don't even cant use t2 missile launchers yet.

I made kind of video with clips I managed to "frap". It took for me like 4 hours to put everything together and to upload to YouTube. Quality is not any good, I still sucks with video making, but I am getting better.

I hope you still can figure out what is going on.


At this point, making and uploading videos, cutting screen shots, writing texts for this very blog, dragged me from playing EvE actually. Hmmm....


  1. I have been doing exploration in Amarr low-sec for well over a year, and I have yet to get a drop anything close to that.

  2. Very good luck indeed.

    I'm actualy flying an explorer Vexor and i'm hoping to see your fitting, so i can compare mine to yours.

    I've just spent 3 days in lowsec around Nonni and had fun keeping an eye on the scanner while i was doing sites. It's really fun to explore in lowsec due to the fewer people compared to high sec. And the risk and awareness that you have to have makes it more fun. =)

    Keep up the good work! ;)