Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 11 - next goal achived + some ISK made

I decided to stop search only for radars from now and experimenting a bit with possible fit for all-in one hi sec exploration ship.

Here is my Vexor:

As you may see it has probes launcher, codebraker, mwd, med armor repairer and set of med/light drones.

After finding and clearing 2 radaras; I eventually found GSO in dead end system with nobody in local. Normally, such a fit is not something I am happy to run GSO fit, but I decided to proced, since I certain I can complete it even it takes ages. I kept my fingers crossed that nobody comes in Tengu and overrun me.

It took 1,5 hours and caused me 2 rewarps, since I wasn't able to run MWD and rep for long enough to run away to save distance.

Managing aggro is a pain with such setup, even I have 1 rail guns strictly to shoot targets and invoke aggro. It is easy to get aggro by getting close to rats, but is difficult to get out of theirs range afterwards intact.

In any event I completed this Guristas Scout Outpost and got my hands on loot: Pithum C-Type Magnetic Scattering Amplifier. It canbe sold for about 40 million ISK, but what is more important, I got it dome with cheap ship with T1 fit and very low support skills.

As you may see, it is very much doable. With a bit of further training and swapping modules at station ,Vexor can be one of possible (not the best one tho) candidate for exploration vessel, especially on trial account.

There are 3 screenshots bellow show my Vexor working on 1st and second pockets of GSO and picking up loot.

Once again, I was lucky nobody was in system to compete. Very unusual, so I need to increase my DPS or get another, more effective ship.

And here comes loot for the day:

It is about 52 Million ISK.


  1. I use this all-purpose Vexor: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/7323/vexorexplorer.jpg

    I fly this mainly in lowsec.

  2. post MOAR!!! i love your blog.. i wanna know all about how expert explorers use covert ops ships and the like!

    keep up the awesome work

  3. Has this blog died out? I would love to know how the exploration is coming along.

  4. I too love this blog... I found it recently, and have read almost everything... truly a wonderful blog for the eve explorer!

  5. trying it out in june of 2012, still works for the most part idk if they have changed any of the game by im approaching the end of my 4th day using this guide and have 120 mil isk