Thursday, July 1, 2010

Federaion Navy Comet as speed tanker

Dramiel is the king of speed tankers, but since I want to have some ISK on my wallet still, I will go for Comet and it should make job of tanking done anyway.

I think the fit self explaining. everything for speed, kinetic amplifier since we deal with guristas, and they deal mostly kinetic damage.

Shield extender increase signature radius, but the number of hit points it brings made me consider to use it anyway.

I use T1 MWD, instead of affordable Gistii. If I handle in this fit Gistii MWD would be bonus in the future, especially for low sec, when speed will be scarified in favor for warp redundancy.

Cloak is pure low sec attribute, but it shows we can fit it no problem.
It is cap stable. This is particulary important, once you get to orbit you can pay a little attention for managing this ship flying semi-afk.

Traveling in low sec, and this is one of our objective, mostly have to deal with gate camps.
For such fast frigate is risk free almost. The major threads are battle cruisers like Huricane with 1000 or above scan resolution and huge alfa strike. They even do not have to scramble you. Another thing you can bump eventually is smart bombing camps.

I lost 1 Dramiel ones to gang of 6 ships camping entrance from hi-sec on my way to tank 6/10 plex. And mostly because my attention was dragged from monitor by real life disturbance. It happens, and the best way to deal with this just move on.

Here is a bit modified fit for low-sec voyage. I do not use stabilizers at all on my well trained chars with good speed and agility. But for new char, and especially for new player going to low sec it can be very valuable redundancy asset to break through gate camps in low sec entrances and tunnel/bottle neck systems. It will not save you vs expeienced gang or heavy interdictor, but add big deal of redundancy vs "gate camp pirates". When I started my low sec exploration, "wtf" in drake with 4 stabs it was quiet often to read "wtf, stabs noob" in local chat.

To test it I went to low sec, have found GSO, and tested this setup in peace. I do not consider it as first low sec operation, since I used 5nipe's account to clean site again.

I had NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER to tank 4/10 GSO with this fit so far:

Here is overview of GSO first pocket ( I have found it in border low sec system).

I forgot to make screenshot from the second pocket, by bad, sorry.

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