Sunday, July 4, 2010

Days 8 & 9 - ready to purchase PLEX

It was weekend, Germany won 4:0 vs Argentina, we had good doze of beer, so I was logging on and off. My buds were online, so we flew around together, went to low sec, run couple of 6/10, etc... You know how it is going.

So, I combine loot for 2 days. It is quiet a number of "blue tablets".

It worth around 110,6 mils ISK in Jita.

Wallet balance: 339,3 mil.

The current PLEX price in Jita is 302 Mil.


  1. hi
    first of all, let me congratulate you on a very useful and entertaining blog. I'm also a football fan myself but my team is portugal which is where i'm from (too bad we already lost with spain).

    On subejct now, i'd like to ask you a question, these 6/10 that you made with some friends does it count towards the fund raising? because i thought you were going to try to reach 300 mil without doing things too far away in terms of skill

    one other question would be how can you identify if it's a 6/10 or a 4/10

    my email is if you feel more confortable anwsering there.
    anyway have fun and good luck in your endeavours
    and please do continue to post even though you have achieved your goal because your blog is really nice to read


  2. Nothing, but radars I run with NP Crusaider counts toward it's wallet.

    I used run 6/10 with 5nipe account and keep all loot value not included in NP Crusaider revenue.

    Cosmic signatures name for Guristas space DED complexes:

    4/10 - Guristas Scout Outpost
    6/10 - Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp