Friday, July 2, 2010

Fifter Forever!

I share opinion if you didn't fly Rifter you didn't play Eve yet.

In our case, go to low sec in expensive Comet ship can still be risky.
But I show you how Rifter is good even for primitive speed tanking and fit about 1 mil ISks.

If you want to go to low sec, but still not want to be broken and keep all hard way earned ISK for PLEX (especially you have found only wormholes mostly not radars) Rifter is great ship ship to experiment with.

It is not cap stable, due to 2 warp stabilizers in low slots, but it is ok if you manage to be carrefull a bit and restart MWD once cap regenerated.

here is Rifter tanking 1st pocket of GSO:

Getting full agro:

Orbiting under full agro at 130 km around can.

Tanking 2nd pocked:

Rifter also can tank Life-Support radar with few battleships on greed:

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